Video Clips

In this clip from “Unitard: House of Tards”, Nora leads her posh friends on a tour of her new urban digs at “Greenwich Lane”. Recorded at the Cavern Club, Los Angeles, March 5, 2015.


OLD, from “Honey, I’m Home”
From “Honey, I’m Home” at the Cavern Club Theatre, Los Angeles 2014. Nora rails against the inevitable discovery that she is growing old well before she is ready to.


Hawaii, from “Honey I’m Home”
In her hilarious one-woman show “Honey, I’m Home”, Nora admits that she hates and fears the country, and confesses that the worst experience of her life was living in Hawaii.


Fag Hag
In this first video clip from Nora’s recent “Honey, I’m Home” one-woman show, Nora declares to the audience at Los Angeles’ Cavern Club Theatre that she is a proud fag hag!

I’m Having a Baby
Americas future is in my womb. Nora Burns from Unitard & The Nellie Olesons is having a baby … and she’s better than you.
Junkie Jones, Illusionist
It’s Junkie Jones Master Illusionist. She not a magician. “A magician does simple tricks. An illusionist is like a magician on crack… and that’s me.” From “Nellie-licious!” Cavern Club Theater, Silverlake, June 2008.

The Real Housewives of Dusseldorf
Unitard Comedy Group parody the Bravo TV series franchise of “real” Housewives, set in Dusseldorf Germany. Nora Burns, Mike Albo, David Ilku.

Old Madonna Super Bowl
Old Madonna needs some help remembering how to vogue. Spoofed by Unitard Comedy Group. Nora Burns, Mike Albo and David Ilku

Ann Coulter Spoof “Call Me!”
On DVD from
Nora Burns, of the Gay comedy troupe The Nellie Olesons, spoofs right wing icon Ann Coulter with “the Ann Coulter Sex Line”–“If you’re evil and blind, then I’m sexy. Call me!” From the new DVD Outlaugh! from

Disney Darfur
Nora Burns in the comedy trio Unitard, tears Disney and pop culture a new one.


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