Hi! Welcome to my website.

My name is Nora Burns and I’m a writer, performer, fag hag, mother, friend, and New Yorker.

I’m doing this because I figured I should. You can read my stuff, watch video clips, see pictures, find out about shows, contact me.

About Me:

I moved to NYC in 1979 with the sole purpose of living in NYC, which I consider a viable and commendable occupation. After a decade of drunken dancing and watching friends die of AIDS, I started doing whacky gay sketch comedy (for lack of a better term). Our group, the Nellie Olesons performed for the next 15 years in venues from NY to LA, often sharing the dressing room with a porter and mop bucket while the bartender ran our lights in between mixing margaritas. We also performed at various festivals like Just for Laughs and We’re Funny That Way.

After my fellow Nellies decamped to LA, I regrouped with Mike Albo and David Ilku to form Unitard.  We regularly performed our sophisticated toilet humor at Joe’s Pub and other venues in NY, LA and Provincetown. As a solo performer, I’ve appeared at the Aspen Comedy Festival and I am starting to perform my solo show Honey, I’m Home in NY and LA. So far I have only painfully bombed once, unfortunately in front of almost everyone I know, but the other shows went great!

My slender celluloid bio includes excruciatingly minor appearances in films like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and Broken Hearts Club. Television appearances include The Sandra Bernhard Experience and Logo’s Wisecrack Comedy Show.


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