PRESS: World of Wonder,#OnStage: Nora Burns Was “David’s Friend”

#OnStage: Nora Burns Was “David’s Friend” & We Are All Better For It (Run Extended!)

I can’t possibly top the glowing notice she got in non-other than THE New York Times on Monday…

So, sitting there watching this moving story about a time I lived through with some of the people I lived through it with was emotional, to say the least. But in the end it felt good. Nora is so self-effacing and charming that even after talking about herself and her friend for an hour, there was not a trace of ego really. Well, maybe just enough to get up in front of your friends and strangers and pour your guts out…

But in the end the main character wasn’t Nora or David, it turned out to be New York City, something we all had in common and still love. Even though as Nora said,

That craggy, dangerous, exciting city we came to in the ’70s and ’80s to escape our families, tourists and the wealthy has become a safe haven for families, tourists and the wealthy…

After the show and hugs and champagne, the after party was at The Cock just up the street, where artist & DJ Scott Ewalt has memorialized David in all his glory in a mural on the club’s wall. Like that first and last dance, life came full circle again, with Nora there to tell us the story.

You can still catch Nora in David’s Friend through this Sunday. Fridays & Saturdays at 10PM, Sundays at 6PMm. The Club @ LaMama | 74 East 4th Street. Tickets here.

UPDATE: This just in, due to the rave reviews and ticket demand, the show has been extended. It will now run, Feb 10-11-12, Friday-Saturday at 7:30PM, Sunday at 2PM.



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