#OnStage: Nora Burns Hits NYC In the Face (& Heart) with “David’s Friend” – WorldofWonder.com (press archive)

#OnStage: Nora Burns Hits NYC In the Face (& Heart) with “David’s Friend”

My old pal Nora Burns is at it again. She of the comedy troupe Unitard (along with David Ilku & Mike Albo) as well as her ongoing New York Stories series. This Monday she premiers a new one-woman show at NYC’s Dixon’s Place, David’s Friend,

“I met my best friend on the speaker of a gay disco in Boston; it was 1979 and we were seniors in high school. We moved to NYC and our early days were a cacophony of drugs, sex, clubs and antibiotics. The show is a love story about my friend and my city. Working on it has been the most exciting, fun, thrilling, emotional thing I’ve ever done…”

Nora is amazing on and off stage, and she really specializes in smart & poignant theater, but most of all SHE’S FUNNY. This new show is about love, loss, cruising, disco, drag queens, strippers, sex, AIDS and New York City –minus loss and AIDS, some of our favorite things! It’s written and performed by Nora with direction by Adrienne Truscott and Lucy Sexton and creative collaboration from Len Whitney. A self-described,

“multi-media celebration of friendship, fun, freaks, fag hags, youthful passion, change, memories, Manhattan and the power of love and disco.”



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