Watch Out! Unitard is Back in Town October 21 to November 4

For years I have had a great time performing with my friends and partners-in-crime David Ilku and Mike Albo in UNITARD.  Now the fun and mayhem of UNITARD will be back in New York at the Stonewall Inn for three Tuesdays, October 21st, 28th, and November 4th. Prepare to be tickled and/or offended.

Stop the streaming.  Start the screaming.
Unitard is backy, whacky and full of cracky! 
The funky trio, Mike Albo, Nora Burns and David Ilku, 
have officially become the city’s oldest living comedy group 
but they’re still hot (and insane) enough to parade around on stage
half-dressed, skewering trends and tots a quarter their age, and who are you to tell them they have to get real jobs?
You haven’t even seen the show!
From Pop-up shops to Ted talks, Karl Lagerfeld to Kale, Instagram to Immigrants, Celebrities to Scruff, Fashion, Fags and Facebook, Apps, Uber and over… we… 
I mean they… are still at it – taking a much needed blowtorch to everything that is anemic, antic and annoying about our culture.  
Fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy Access-a-ride.


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